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Is God Calling You to Join NHBC?


If God is calling you to join our church family in membership then you & your family should come forward during the altar call/invitation time at the end of each service and share that decision with the Pastor. There will not be a vote taken at that time, but rather the church will be praying for you while the Elders set a time to visit with you about church membership. Once this has happened and the Elders are sure that this is Gods will then you will be asked to come before the church once again for church vote.

We realise that this process is very different from what you have probably experienced at other churches, but please understand the reason that we feel lead by God to approach membership in this fashion. As the Pastor and Elders we are tasked by God to minister to His flock as well as protect that flock. Many churches are too quick to vote on new members, sometimes before they even get to know them. This can prove to be an unsafe approach to membership as Matthew 7:15 warns that some will "come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravaging wolves." So in an effort to protect the sheep of this flock we make a point to visit with each new member prior to recomending them to the church for membership. Our purpose is NOT to make you uncomfortable, but rather to make you feel more safe, knowing that NHBC will not vote on any new member that hasnt had a visit from an Elder of the church.

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